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Nissor Al- Jnoob of the General Trading & Contracting Ltd. One of the trusted companies that established in Iraq in 2004 in Baghdad and its location current in Thi Qar – Nasiriyah . In the year 2007, Mr. (Murtadha Kamel) join the company and work out as an engineer and has implemented several projects and proven to work and then he bought shares of partners and remained in the company. In 2008, (Mr. Murtadha Kamel) became the owner of the whole company. In the year 2010, the company’s amendments to administrative, including the introduction of new partners and remained (Mr. Murtadha Kamel) as General Manager of the company . Our company has implemented several projects with multinational forces ( Italian troops) and with the Iraqi government (Ministry of Electricity / Directorate General for the production of electric power / Nasiriyah), including the processing of contracts in all areas of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and chemicals, as well as the implementation of construction projects (Civil) in the power plant. We would like to show that our company is ready to implement all the projects related to processing, monuments and maintenance, financing and construction works in all areas .

In 2018 Sheikh Munshid Abdulatef and Mr Hassan Alganaby became shareholders of the company

We also remain committed to practicing good corporate governance. Guidelines, objectives, and disciplines for good corporate governance are clearly defined within company regulations, and are practiced in the best and fairest interest of clients, partners, and employees.