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Iraq is witnessing a comprehensive renaissance in various aspects of life. Based on our keenness to contribute to building th e march of this dear country, the idea of establishing the QA Qimat AL-Iqtidar engineering for contracts came as a stepping-stone in the progress of the country and one of the models of construction, giving and success at the local level and global.

In 2007, the company established with a modern vision and took on the excellence and credibility in the work, which made it linked to transactions and contracts under the supervision of major companies such as Shell, BP, CPP, LUCK OIL, SAMSUNG ENGINEERING, ZAIN of communication and other local & international companies.

The company has a good reputation in the contracting and processing sector for its excellence in specifications and its confo rmity to international quality. It is one of the active young companies in the field of general contracting. It implements several fields such as metal constructions, welding pipelines, piping networks, maintenance works for oil refineries and units, Roads and maintenance, as well as the establishme nt and maintenance of water, sewage and other networks, and use the latest construction and mechanical equipment according to the experience and work of the construction projects in the region.

The QA engineering definition is the peak of professionalism, characterized by the means of security and safety in the world in the performance of its work as it can work in sensitive and hazardous facilities because it’s have the staff of administrative, technical professional,consultants, engineers and trained workers with the expertise to implement all the projects within  the vision, mission and specific goals we seek to achieve sponsored by God.

QA Symbol of excellence and credibility

When we talk about the construction sector and oil projects in Iraq, the companies that related to this sector, we need a long list of names but the remaining companies that have been able to prove their existence and continue to do so are Qimat AL- Iqtidar Engineering Company from these companies that have been glowing in this field. The company established in 2007 by letter Ministry of Commerce No. (m.St /20-6083) at capital of one million Dollar US as a start, headquartered in Baghdad-Karrada/ Street-62, also it has three main branches in Iraq in Basra, Najaf and Karbala.

Since its establishment, it has taken upon itself excellence in work, speed in delivery, punctuality and customer satisfaction; it works hard through its diverse local and multinational team of engineers, technicians and administrators to achieve its objectives. During the course of its career it was able to obtain the ISO 9001 quality system and ISO for the industrial safe ty system 18001 OHSAS  due to the wise management and staff working in a team spirit.